Quick and Easy Ways to Have Happy, Healthy Employees


Quick and Easy Ways to Have Happy, Healthy Employees

Between taking your kids to soccer games, work, and general errands we have to run, sometimes life can get a little to hectic to think about the food we are putting in our bodies. Wellness programs are a great way to encourage your employees to live healthy lifestyles. Did you know over 63% of companies with 3 or more employees have these programs in place?



The average cost of obesity in the US continues to grow, as Americans continue to find new ways to have a convenient (and really unhealthy) bite to eat in our busy lifestyles. In 2008 the average annual cost of obesity in the US was $147 billion, and medical costs are generally around $1,429 higher than those at a normal healthy weight.*

Having so many resources on the internet has definitely helped my family get back on track. With my husband working in Downtown Portland and me picking him up from work every day, we normally don’t get home until 8 or 9 at night. By then I am so exhausted and not looking forward to cooking that we end up grabbing some kind of fast food.  This also makes for a lack of leftovers for lunches the next day. Thanks to Pinterest and lifestyle blogs, I have been able to find TONS of resources to help me find quick, healthy meals that will help keep our family healthy and energized. As busy as we are, it is easy to get worn out.


Wouldn’t it be great to help encourage your employees to maintain a healthy lifestyle? Giving your employees incentives to be active and healthy is a great way to start a wellness program in your office. Do you have employees that like to do 5k’s or fun runs? It would be very motivational to award them for their participation with an armband with your logo on it that they can use in future races.


How about weekly office Yoga classes using Yoga/Pilates mats with your logo on it?



Some of the biggest benefits of having a wellness program are increased productivity, and lower healthcare costs for both the employee and the company.

If you include incentives in your wellness program, 46% of employees are more likely to be involved.

A recent study done by Performance Programs, INC. showed that**:

  • 74% of employees involved in wellness programs are more engaged with life.
  • 69% of employees are more engaged in taking care of their health.
  • 71% of employees reported they are more successful in managing mental health energy.
  • 68% of employees reported successful management of physical energy.
  • 56% of employees report they are more productive at work.
  • 51% of employees report they are more resilient.

Can you imagine if your hardest working employee becomes involved in this program, and becomes even more productive than they already are? Think about how much that could benefit your business. These programs are beneficial to both you and your employees.


All of these ideas are great ways to start a health and wellness program in your office, or even your neighborhood! You will appreciate the significant change in effort your employees are putting in around your office, and they will appreciate the health benefits!

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*Source: http://www.cdc.gov/obesity/data/adult.html

**Source: These results are based on self-reported data provided by Performance Programs, Inc. who measured the responses of program participants from 2006 to 2008 (599 participants; 201 participants at six months followup). Statistics reflect percentage of survey respondents.

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